May Blog

Stressed Out? Your Dentist Can Help!

We don’t always know that we’re stressed until we get a headache or a cold. But at your six month appointment your dentist can spot the signs early!

Teeth grinding (bruxism) can develop when we’re feeling anxious, agitated or tense. When we clench or grind our teeth, jaw pain (known as TMJ disorder or TMD) may result in a painful chronic “popping” of our jaw or a jaw that feels stuck when we try to eat or speak.

Has planning your family’s summer camps, annual trips and preparing for the visit of your in-laws had your gums and teeth feeling sensitive? Research by multiple universities has shown a high correlation between emotional stress and the development of gum disease.
Canker sores (or mouth ulcers) may also emerge as our mouth responds to our stressful habits.

To best take care of your teeth in some of your more stressful moments, a visit to the dentist can be all you need! After sitting back for a gentle cleaning and exam, or going home with a soft protective mouthguard, your teeth may feel better and you might feel less weight on your shoulders (and your teeth!).

If it’s time to find your zen with cleaner, healthier teeth, give us a call to book your appointment!

In Our Office This Month!

The doctors took the whole team out for an appreciation lunch! It's great to be able to spend some time together out of the office.

The Crossroads team was psyched up for Game 6 against The Spurs!

Thanks for coming in to see us! If it's time for YOUR six month appointment, give us a call!