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The Best Foods For Healthy Teeth

If it’s time to get your beach body ready but push up intervals and sweaty yoga mats simply aren’t your style, you might want to take a pass on Jenny Craig for our advice! With their high nutritional value, PH-changing effects and natural teeth cleaning abilities the following tooth-friendly foods might have you sporting a healthy body and smile even before your order of P90X arrives in the mail!

Top Five Foods For Healthy Teeth!

Dairy: Jam-packed with calcium and protein, cheese and yogurt raise the PH levels in your mouth and fuel your teeth with healthy nutrients for stronger tooth enamel to fend off cavities and decay! The probiotics or “healthy bacteria” in yogurt can also crowd out cavity causing bacteria--just be sure to purchase yogurt that is plain or has no added sugar!

Fruits and Veggies: While your dentist wouldn’t recommend relying on apples to do all the scrubbing of regular brushing and flossing (twice daily, please!), biting into an apple is nature’s natural way to brush away germs and plaque. The next time you’re craving a midday snack, pair some apple slices with a few high fiber carrots and celery to fight off cavities as they trigger healthy saliva production and boost your immune system with vitamins A and C.

Leafy Greens: You know you need more of them but you didn’t know they could benefit your healthy smile! Easy to place into salads, on pizzas, or even in your smoothie, leafy greens like kale and spinach are high in teeth-healthy vitamins and minerals such as calcium and folic acid.

Almonds and Tofu: Not only are nuts like almonds and soybeans high in calcium and protein, but they’re naturally low in sugar! Added to your salad, trail mix or made into milk or tofu, nuts are rich in nutrients and high in fiber to support a healthier smile and body!

Meats and Seafood: You now have one more excuse to go on a date for some tasty salmon or a tender sirloin. Meats, seafood and even citrus fruits and tomatoes contain phosphorous, a mineral that calcium relies on to be absorbed into the body and support healthy bones and teeth.

Your Tooth Happy Fitness Coach
We believe your teeth should look good and feel great for a lifetime! Before the summer hits and you’re ready to show off your pearly whites in a new swimsuit, take the best first step in practicing preventive care for a healthy mouth by coming in for a checkup with us. We’ll give you the treatment and tips you need to enjoy a summer that has you feeling healthy, confident and ready to drift into vacation relaxation!


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