The General and Family Dentistry Of  Oklahoma City

Since 1983 the dentists and staff of Crossroads Family Dentistry have been servicing the Oklahoma City and Moore area with modern dentistry and a conservative and preventative approach. Whether we are meeting a new patient or an old friend we start by educating you on the best solutions for your dental health. According to the American Dental Association only 43% of the people in the U.S. go to the dentist each year, we’ve worked hard to make sure that our patients aren’t just another statistic. You don’t have to take our word for it, read what our loyal patients have to say:

 “Crossroads Family Dentistry provides excellent care and service from the front desk to the dental chair! Just got a fancy, new technology/same day crown and didn't experience any pain at all! Dr. Faulconer and his assistants did a great job! Thank you!”

Audra Dillinger Skaggs - 5 Stars for Crossroads! 

We are general dentists providing a wide array of services with the latest technologies for our patients. If you are looking for your crooked teeth to transform into a movie star smile, we have smile solutions for you such as invisalign and veneers. If you are searching for immediate dentures to give your mouth an easier time chewing and eating, we have some of the best dental implants and customized dentures available. Every smile has a different way to shine, and a different path to follow to happy and healthy, but all of our patients start out with a thorough exam and dental cleaning.

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Dental Cleanings and Prophylaxis: come in to meet with our friendly hygienists to get your bi-annual cleaning. Our staff will create a custom dental treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and goals based on our dentist's’ recommendations and findings. We will use fluoride treatments help restore and strengthen both children and adult teeth to prevent tooth decay. The American Dental Association recommends fluoride treatments as a part of most cleanings and so do we.


Restorative Dentistry

restorative dentistry

Composite Tooth Colored Cavity Fillings: the fillings at Crossroads Family Dentistry restore decayed teeth building confidence in your smile.

Dental Crowns: Dental Crowns are full surface coverings for teeth too decayed or at risk of fracture for basic fillings. By using the remaining natural structure of your teeth, we create a customized crown that matches and seals your original tooth. In many cases this can be completed in one appointment with our same day computer aided design and milling machine!

Dental Bridges: Dental Bridges, much like a bridge that goes over a river, rest on the teeth adjacent to a missing tooth. By placing two crowns (abutments) on adjacent teeth we can replace a missing tooth with a natural, aesthetic and functional restoration. In some cases dental implants are utilized to fabricate a bridge that can restore function and beauty to your smile.

Root Canals: root canal treatments often get a bad name. They are caused by an infection due to results from a badly decayed or fractured tooth. However, contrary to popular belief, a root canal is a pain relieving procedure. Our dentists take great care to make sure your are pain free during and after your root canal procedure.

Dental Implants: Dental Implants are the standard of care for replacing lost or missing teeth. They are very versatile in that they can replace one tooth, or they can be used to replace multiple teeth. There are a number of different ways to accomplish this; implants can be used to support crowns, bridges, partials and dentures and you can even restore your entire mouth and smile utilizing dental implants!

Dentures: If you have many, lost, broken, diseased, or decayed teeth dentures can be a solution to get you out of pain and looking great. Maybe you already have dentures that are loose. Did you know the supporting structures of your mouth shrink over time when teeth are no longer present? You may need a new denture or dental implants to help maintain those supporting structures and stabilize your dentures and improve your quality of life.


Cosmetic Dentistry

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Teeth Whitening: Teeth Whitening at the dentist is more stronger and more effective than what you would find at your local pharmacy or department store. Come check out the best whitening options with our dentists in Oklahoma City!

Dental Veneers: A veneer is a thin covering of porcelain or tooth colored filling material bonded over the front of your teeth eliminating the appearance of pesky marks aged or malformed teeth may have. In some cases we don't even have to remove any of your tooth at all. If you have crooked, chipped/broken, or discolored teeth, veneers can give you a beautiful, confident movie star smile.

Cleanings and gum treatments: Our team of doctors and hygienist will help determine a custom oral care plan for you. Signs of gum disease are bad breath, red/purple, bleeding, or swollen gums. Often gum disease does not hurt until it is much too late to save your teeth. Schedule your consultation today! ( I would move this up under a different category than cosmetics)

Invisalign/Orthodontics: At Crossroads Family Dentistry our Oklahoma City dentists can perfect your smile from a few crooked teeth to none in just months - without the look of heavy metal braces. Check out our Invisalign page to see success stories all over Moore, Oklahoma City and farther! 


Pediatric Dentistry

pediatric dentistry 

Kids Dentistry: Often our patients ask us when they should schedule their kids first dental appointment? The American Dental Association recommends that children be seen within 6 months of their first tooth which is usually around 1 year of age. Kids visits before the age of 3 are typically a brief oral exam and possibly a fluoride varnish treatment. Our main objectives are checking for any early childhood cavities or developmental abnormalities. It is our belief that a child's early dental visits should be a positive experience. We typically start "happy visits" to get them used to getting their teeth cleaned a positive environment at age 3-4. Prevention is much easier than treating tooth decay and infection!

Sealants: dental sealants are a barrier used to seal deep fissures prevent tooth decay on the chewing surfaces of teeth.

“I’ve been a patient of Crossroads Family Dentistry since 1983. I would recommend any of the Dentists and Hygienists in their practice. The staff is friendly and the place is very nice. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! They’re like family to me!”

Debi Johnson-Boyer - 5 Stars for Crossroads!  

Sedation Dentistry

 sedation dentistry

Our Crossroads' team knows that going to the dentist can be anxiety provoking for many people. We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your procedures. We offer nitrous oxide as well as oral medications to help relax you for your procedure. Maybe it is a blanket or simply holding your hand, let us know how we can make you more comfortable.

Dental Emergency: Whether its a toothache that's gone beyond tylenol to a dental emergency at Buck Thomas Park we have same day appointments to cure your pain immediately! Check out our Dental Emergency page to learn more.

Wisdom Teeth Removal: We monitor both children and adult wisdom teeth with the use of digital x-rays. Often wisdom teeth are recommended to be removed between the ages of 17-25 to prevent problems later in life.

Oral surgery tooth removal: Yes, we remove teeth when we have to. Our team takes great pride in making you comfortable during the tooth removal procedure. We also offer nitrous oxide or laughing gas to help relax you during your procedure.