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Patients of various ages and dental health conditions seek dentures as a way to bring back their quality of life. Eating, chewing, and even speaking are some of the most precious daily functions of our lives that can be disrupted by missing one or more teeth. In addition, something as simple, yet valuable as a smile can vanish when missing a tooth or teeth causes embarrassment.

Don’t let your life suffer when the use of dentures can easily restore your smile back to its full potential and beauty. Give us a call to discuss if you might benefit from a partial or fixed denture.

Reasons for Missing Teeth

When one or more teeth are missing, existing teeth are free to shift and move into these areas to cause changes in your bite, which can effectively disrupt the way you eat and speak, and even change your face shape to look sunken-in or aged. Teeth that shift may also be harder to clean and more at risk of developing gum disease. Don’t wait to have missing teeth replaced. Seek the care of one of our experienced and highly trained dentists, who can treat your teeth no matter their current condition.

What Kind of Dentures Exist?

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Dentures replace missing teeth to support patients with a normal standard of life, where they don’t have to worry about biting, chewing, speaking, or smiling. Traditionally removable, some treatments such as dental implants may involve installing permanent replacement teeth, which can be ideal for those who prefer a permanent dental option.

Partial Dentures, or a removable dental bridge, is used to support the mouth if one or more healthy teeth still remain. Attached to a gum-colored plastic base, these replacement teeth are connected with a metal framework to secure the denture in place. By filling the spaces between missing teeth with supportive artificial teeth, they support surrounding teeth from shifting or moving positions, while restoring normal functions of the teeth and mouth. Fixed bridges can also be used to replace one or more teeth by attaching crowns to adjacent teeth and securing them in place.

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Complete Dentures can replace a full set of teeth, and come in the option of conventional, or immediate dentures. Conventional dentures involve being placed 8-12 weeks after any existing teeth have been removed and gum tissue has healed. They are custom made for comfort and are often preferred to immediate dentures, which are made in advance and can be placed immediately after teeth are pulled, to serve as a bandage for affected area during healing while providing the benefits of strong replacement teeth. Compared with conventional dentures, however, immediate dentures are often considered a temporary solution as they may require frequent adjustments to ensure a better fit as the healing process takes place and the bones and gums shrink over time.

Implant Supported Dentures are highly versatile for patients who have lost one or more missing teeth, or need a full set of teeth replaced. These dentures are custom made to look and feel like your natural teeth, and are fixed into the jaw to serve as a permanent dental solution. After treatment, patients with implant supported dentures can bite, chew, and speak the same way they would with healthy adult teeth, without having to remove their dentures at night or change their healthy dental hygiene routine. By placing natural looking and strong teeth permanently into the mouth, patients may return to their regular lifestyle, enjoying all the benefits typically gained from normal healthy adult teeth.

Dentures in Oklahoma City


Crossroads Family Dentistry is committed to designing the most comfortable and long-lasting dentures for your specific mouth and dental needs, we take care in exactly how we create your custom molds and oversee that you get the best results. Once your dentures are made and are ready for placement, we will overlook them to guarantee that any adjustments that need to be made will be done efficiently and your dentures will fit into your mouth and smile beautifully. Our dentures are built to last and can remain strong and comfortable for many years with regular care. Should you be considering the benefits dentures can provide in your life, contact our team today.

Crossroads Family Dentistry

Dr. Underwood, Dr. Dais, Dr. Faulconer, and the team at Crossroads Family Dentistry love to keep the Oklahoma City area smiling with a conservative approach to dentistry. Our goal is always to provide the highest quality treatment and education to our patients. If you have any questions regarding dentures, dental implants or want to know your options for restoring your smile. Call today to schedule your appointment (405) 631-0322.