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Dental Crowns in Oklahoma City

If you are missing teeth or need to restore a decayed, damaged, or broken tooth, our CEREC same-day dental crown can help restore your smile. The treatment uses the best of CAD/CAM technology to revitalize the way you eat, chew, and smile in only one day. At our full-service family dental practice, we only use the most trusted market leading technology to restore your smile on your time and with unparalleled accuracy.

Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are used to cover a decayed, broken, or discolored tooth, or can be used with dental implants to place a new, natural-looking tooth where one or more may be missing. Made of high-strength ceramic or porcelain, crowns are resilient, long-lasting, and look just like a real tooth. They help preserve the tooth, and protect it from stains, cavities, decay, gum disease, or breakage. Missing teeth provide a high risk for the adjacent teeth to shift, exposing them to gum disease and other related health conditions. When teeth shift, everything from a patient’s bite to how pressure is distributed on remaining teeth can be affected, making it hard to perform even the most basic activities like chewing and biting. If you have any missing teeth, or require a crown to restore an existing tooth, Drs. Underwood, Dais, and Faulconer at Crossroads Family Dentistry are ready to help.

The CEREC Process

When you come in for your appointment, one of our expertly trained Oklahoma City dentists will examine your current dental health condition and suggest available treatments based on your specific needs. If you are in need of a crown, the CEREC treatment process can start that same day!

After guiding you through what to expect with the CEREC process, your dentist will begin by forming a digital impression of your teeth. Next, highly advanced 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software will form a 3D virtual mold of your teeth. That mold will design a highly precise crown that is customized to suit your natural smile and bite. As the patient, you can view this impression even before a crown is made, and your dentist can make adjustments if desired. Your ideal dental crown will be designed to be highly functional, comfortable, and personalized to your existing smile. The new crown will look, feel, and behave like any other natural, healthy tooth.

Once the design has been approved, there is no waiting on a lab to receive your new crown. Our in-house restorative process will mill the ideal crown out of a block of ceramic or porcelain to match your natural tooth color. The process will be completed in a matter of minutes and will give us time to examine the new piece, polish it, and make any necessary adjustments. The restoration is then comfortably placed and bonded permanently to the tooth. With proper care and regular dental hygiene, your same-day dental crown can behave like any other strong, healthy tooth for years to come.

Interested in CEREC Same-Day Crowns?

If you want to receive high quality, built-to-last care, consider using our CEREC same-day crown technology. The process can be completed in one day, which will save you time and money. Over the past two decades, CEREC has proven itself time and again of its incredible accuracy and captivating results. Speak with one of our staff members today to consider using CEREC crown technology to achieve your ideal dental health and smile.

Crossroads Family Dentistry

Dr. Underwood, Dr. Dais, Dr. Faulconer, and the team at Crossroads Family Dentistry love to keep the Oklahoma City and Moore area smiling with a conservative approach to our treatment. Our goal is always to provide the highest quality care and education to our patients. If you have any questions regarding dental crowns, dental implants, or other restorations, call us now (405) 373-6896. We’ll do all we can to answer your questions fully.

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