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General and Family Dentistry in Oklahoma City

 If you live in Oklahoma City or Moore, we invite you and your family to visit Crossroads Family Dentistry. We offer a careful explanation of each treatment and dental care that will last. And while your oral health needs may change over time, our warm, quality care will remain consistent. At Crossroads, we prioritize your needs, making you feel safe, comfortable, and valued. Come see what sets us apart!

First Visits & Baby Teeth

As your family grows, it’s important to schedule routine dental appointments starting at an early age. We’ve found the best way for your young ones to avoid dental anxiety is to have them see the same dentist throughout their childhood. With every visit, they’ll be more familiar with our staff and more comfortable receiving treatment. Their first appointment should be scheduled when their first baby tooth erupts. This will allow us to form the doctor-patient relationship early, track their oral health, and advise you on how to best care for their teeth and instill good oral hygiene habits.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions can happen at any age. If you or any family member is in need of an extraction, our team of skilled doctors can remove the tooth with careful precision and minimal patient discomfort. If you’re concerned about the pain, sedation options are available. Our care extends past the tooth removal as well. Once the procedure is complete, we’ll offer easy-to-follow, post-op instruction on how to help the sutures heal and prevent the need for other extractions. 

Oral Cancer Screenings

Preventative care is imperative for every member of the family. Your bi-annual check-ups help us keep track of your oral health and allow us to address small issues before they become larger problems. Oral cancer, for instance, is often diagnosed too late, and the risk of developing it only increases with age. So visit a dentist every six months. At Crossroads Family Dentistry, we’ll be able to identify any abnormalities and refer you to a specialist if there is cause for concern. These screenings happen during regular appointments, but if you’re concerned, feel free to schedule a visit today.

Digital X-rays and Intraoral Cameras

To ensure that we offer the best in comprehensive care, we stay up-to-date with current dental technology. We pride ourselves on having a fully equipped, modern dental office that can accommodate everyone. Our intraoral cameras can take a full scan of your mouth, while our digital x-rays offer less radiation and clearer, more accurate imaging. The images are immediately uploaded to our monitors, so we can give you a clear picture of your oral health and a better treatment plan. 

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