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For over thirty-three years, our team at Crossroads Family Dentistry has been serving our community with the best dental care that Oklahoma City and the nearby Moore area has to offer. Our team has had the wonderful honor and privilege to watch as our young patients have grown, started their own families, and brought in their little ones for their first dental visits. As the addition of children and grandchildren have made our own families grow, we’ve truly discovered what it means to create a feeling of warmth and belonging at Crossroads Family Dentistry. When you come in looking for the best family dentist in Oklahoma City, our team will welcome you into a family environment built with the most highly experienced dentists delivering the best in dental care. When you book your first appointment with us, you’ll feel the welcoming and compassionate atmosphere you’ve always wanted from your local family dentist.

Pediatric Dentist

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For many parents, deciding when is the right time to schedule your child’s first dental visit can feel confusing. However, the American Dental Association recommends that children make a visit to their pediatric dentist within six months of their first baby tooth appearing--which occurs typically around their first birthday. When you bring your child in for their first dental cleaning or exam, our cheerful and supportive team will be there to help guide your child with the tools they need to become happy brushers and flossers early on. As a parent, you do your best to help your child have everything they need to grow healthy and strong. When our team can light up the smile on your child’s face with fun and interactive dental visits and exciting at-home tips they’re bound to share with you, you’ll feel the added support your child gets when they experience the heightened level of care at Crossroads Family Dental.

Your Child’s “Happy Visit” With Us

When is the last time your child jumped for joy at the sound of going to the dentist? At Crossroads Family Dentistry, your child’s six month appointment or first dental cleaning will have them eager to sing their favorite toothbrush song and show you how they learned to brush and floss like their favorite character or superhero. Over the last few decades of caring for young patients and setting them up with dental hygiene tips for success, our “Happy Visit” has been uniquely designed to inspire even the most reluctant flosser to have a blast keeping their teeth happy and healthy. By using preventive tips and methods to promote a healthy transition from baby teeth to adult teeth, our pediatric dentistry focuses on delivering the best dental care for your child.

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No matter if your child needs a little support taking care of their teeth or are now old enough for their first set of Invisalign, our community at Crossroads Family Dentistry will help them get the support they need in an environment that is fun, gentle, and kind. With a little care from our professional staff, your child can receive the care they need to have quality dental health even in their adult years. If it’s time to take the first steps in ensuring that your child enjoys their experience at the dentist, talk to our team about making an appointment.

Adult Dentistry

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If you are over the age of 35 and haven’t lost at least one permanent tooth by now, you may be one of the lucky 40% of Americans who have been able to keep their teeth healthy and strong without the damaging effects of tooth loss. For those of us who have been less lucky, however, tooth damage, decay, and even a dental emergency or accident can make experiencing tooth loss feel like an inevitable burden that eventually disrupts everything from the way you are able to chew our food to how we speak, or even how we support a healthy immune system. When your health and peace of mind should be a daily priority in your life, get the care you need today by setting an appointment with Dr. Underwood, Dr. Dais, or Dr. Faulconer at Crossroads Family Dental in Oklahoma City.

Senior Dentistry

Modern dental technology has become a highly advanced and effective answer to helping older patients keep their teeth happy and healthy for much longer periods of time. As we age, conditions such as dry mouth, gum disease, and side effects from prescription medications can have a dramatic effect on our dental health condition. But as experts in practicing advanced dental care, our team at Crossroads Family Dentistry uses conservative treatment methods to deliver personalized care that was never possible before. Whether you hope to support the health of your natural teeth or seek to improve your smile with the best dental implants in Oklahoma City, our valued patients can receive the high quality care they need from a compassionate staff with their best interest in mind.

Whether you have experienced a lost tooth or simply want to improve your smile’s radiance and shine our smile makeovers can make an exceptional difference on your self-esteem, confidence, and outward appearance! Get ready to enjoy your smile again when our custom made veneers, dentures, and cosmetic services can restore your smile to its optimal health and beauty. No matter your age or dental needs, our Oklahoma City dentistry can help you achieve the strong and healthy smile you want to be proud of.

Crossroads Family Dentistry

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Dr. Underwood, Dr. Dais, Dr. Faulconer, and the team at Crossroads Family Dentistry love to keep the Oklahoma City and Moore area smiling with a conservative approach. Our goal is  to always provide the highest quality treatment and education to our patients and donate our time out of the office to supporting the community. If you have any questions regarding any aspects of family dentistry or want to know your options for building your family’s smiles, call today to schedule your appointment at (405) 631-0322.