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About Dr. Dais

Dr. Dais

After high school, Dr. Dais knew immediately that he wanted to study dentistry. Originally from Butte, Montana, he made his way to Nebraska to attend Creighton Dental School. After graduating in 1987, he continued his move south, working with the Indian Health Service in Lawton, Oklahoma for a brief stint. He then met Dr. Underwood and joined Crossroads Family Dentistry as a partner and co-owner of the practice.

Dr. Dais has been serving the community in Oklahoma City for almost 30 years. He’s very attuned to the latest research in modern dentistry and enjoys being able to offer premier dental services to patients. Dr. Dais knows the need for dentistry in the community and will often volunteer his services. He enjoys being able to work directly with people and interact with them on a personal level.

Dr. Dais is an avid cyclist, a lover of books and films, and a frequent concert-goer. Reading and watching stories unfold are his favorite ways to unwind during chilly months. But he always makes time for travel, whether nationally or around the globe.

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