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5 Surprising Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

Brushing and flossing regularly is your best defense against common dental health issues. The next most important thing you can do for your smile is to get regular preventive care at Crossroads Family Dentistry every six months. Aside from protecting your mouth from decay and gum disease, routine appointments have a number of other surprising benefits:

Early Cancer Detection

As part of a routine oral exam, our dentists will examine your mouth for any potential signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer is difficult to detect on your own because many symptoms don’t show up until it progresses past Stage II. Regular oral exams ensure that you get the care you need to prevent oral cancer or catch it in its early stages before it spreads.

A Brighter, More Beautiful Smile

Yellowing and surface stains are an unfortunate part of the natural aging process. A professional cleaning during routine appointments can help remove stains from your teeth along with plaque and tartar. After each six-month checkup, you’ll leave our office with pep in your step and a brighter, fresh smile.

Saves Time And Money

Compared to restorative and cosmetic treatments, preventive dentistry is very affordable. If you have dental insurance, you’re likely covered for two checkups per year, free of charge. By seeing a dentist at Crossroads Family Dentistry regularly, you’ll save both time and money.

Makes Your Schedule Easier

We understand that it can be tough to make time in your schedule for a dental appointment, particularly when you’re juggling kids, your career, and your personal life. However, seeing a dentist twice per year can actually make planning your schedule easier. If you don’t see a dentist regularly, you may need multiple complex dental procedures to restore your oral health, which means that you’ll need to take more time out of your schedule.

Restorative procedures can require multiple appointments and follow-ups, which means you’ll end up spending more time at the dentist than you would with simple preventive care. By taking proper care of your mouth and seeing one of our dentists regularly, you’ll be able to avoid inconvenient dental appointments.

Schedule Your Appointment Today – Take Control Of Your Oral Health!

Routine appointments are critical if you want to avoid dental health issues and more costly procedures. Take control of your oral health by scheduling an appointment with Crossroads Family Dentistry today! Give us a call at (405) 631-0322 now, or come to our office at 8101 S Walker D, Oklahoma City, OK 73139 to schedule your appointment.

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