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Root Canal Therapy to Get You Out of Pain!

If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort due to a toothache, and this pain has lasted for more than a day or two, you may have a seriously decayed or infected tooth. Painful toothaches can interfere with your daily life, and at Crossroads Family Dentistry we offer compassionate solutions to restore your health.

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Many common misconceptions and myths keep patients from getting the help they need, and our team wants patients to know the truth about effective, restorative root canals.

The Myth: Root Canals Are Painful And Invasive

Despite common misconception, root canal therapy is not invasive or painful. Unfortunately, many people assume that root canal therapy is scary and painful, and should only be your “last resort” if you have a toothache.

The Truth: Root Canals Are Minimally-Invasive, And Eliminate Pain Completely

Not only are root canals minimally-invasive (the process is very similar to having a filling placed), a root canal can completely eliminate the pain of an infected tooth. A root canal is a procedure used to remove infected pulp from your tooth. After the area is numbed, a small opening is made in the tooth, and infected enamel, pulp, and dentin are removed by one of our dentists.

After this, the entire interior of the tooth is rinsed and disinfected to completely eliminate any infection. Then, an inert material called “gutta-percha” is used to fill the interior of the tooth and strengthen the structure.

To complete the procedure, the tooth is capped with a crown or a filling. The entire process usually takes only 1-2 hours and is delivered under anesthetic to minimize pain. Sedation can also be administered if it would make you feel more comfortable with treatment.

Root Canals Eliminate Pain And Discomfort (And Save You Money!)

If you have an infected tooth, the pain won’t go away on its own. If left untreated, infected teeth can eventually fall out. A root canal can save your existing tooth and eliminate your pain before the issue gets worse. Additionally, root canals are covered by most dental insurance plans and are much more affordable than replacing a tooth with a dental implant, bridge, or a partial denture.

Get The Treatment You Need – See Dr. Dais, Dr. Underwood, Or Dr. Faulconer Today!

If you have a toothache, come see one of our dentists at Crossroads Family Dentistry right away. We will assess your teeth and determine the cause of your pain to determine whether a root canal is necessary. We always have emergency appointment slots available! To schedule an appointment, call us at (405) 631-0322, or come to our office at 8101 S Walker D, Oklahoma City, OK 73139.

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