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Are Your Children Excited To See The Dentist?

Last month Dr. Faulconer had the opportunity to visit a local elementary school to get our youngsters excited about their smiles. Hands were raised, milk and M&M’s were discussed and (hopefully!) teeth were brushed!

To continue the celebration and education about good dental care and pediatric dentistry, the doctors at Crossroads Family Dentistry have a few tips and tricks for you and your family!

Why Do We Brush Our Teeth?

Those sweet little baby teeth will fall out eventually, but until then, they need gentle but diligent care. Children are still getting the hang of hand-eye coordination, so it’s easy for them to miss some spots while brushing! Here’s how to ensure that those pearly whites stay clean:

  • Make sure each surface is brushed: the top, inside and outside!
  • Brush lightly! We always tell kids to hold the toothbrush just like a pencil.
  • Brush at an angle: 45 degrees, (slightly slanted) also connects with the gums, who need attention as well.

Strong Healthy Teeth Need Strong Healthy Food!

There are power foods that help keep those pearly whites bright and strong–perfect for chewing and breaking down foods to get all of the nutrients inside!

  • The rough texture of vegetables, especially raw vegetables, acts as a ‘scrubber’, naturally sloughing off the buildup of plaque on enamel.  Plus, some vegetables help teeth to form enamel, such as broccoli and carrots.
  • Fruits are also nature’s ‘scrubbers’! Those high in vitamin C, such as strawberries, help to protect gums from developing disease.  Another bonus: they massage the gums, too!
  • Chicken, beef, and eggs are all healthy proteins that help prevent decay.
  • Water is the only drink that does not have anything that could cause decay. In addition, drinking water, especially after meals, helps to rinse food particles, debris, and bacteria from teeth.

‘Bad Guy’ Foods

We asked kiddos about what foods they thought might be bad for teeth. And they were right: sugary foods and drinks like candy and soda act as ‘bad guys’ to our enamel. When plaque produced by “sugar bugs” or bacteria builds up on our teeth, it can lead to cavities and decay.

A Healthy Mouth And A Healthy Attitude

When we make dental care fun–everything from making brushing teeth a fun part of the home routine to making dentist visits a positive experience–we create lifelong health!

We talked about how visiting the dentist is a happy experience: how we ask our patients to open their mouths so that we can gently look inside and make sure they can bite correctly at that gums, tissue, and bones are in tip-top shape.

We discussed the importance of regular dental visits. Six-month checkups allow dentists to remove plaque build-up, check for any changes in health, and spot cavities that aren’t always visible to Mom and Dad!

The other positive benefits of starting dental care early include:

  • The ability to address and correct any small issues, such as cavities, before they develop into bigger, more expensive dental issues
  • The ability to predict potential changes in dental health
  • Foster a thriving home hygiene routine that includes care and nutrition

Happy Brushers Are Healthy People!

We love encouraging children to be as interested and devoted to their oral health as we are. If you are in Oklahoma City and are interested in bringing your child in for their first pediatric dental visit, please feel free to come on by or give us a call. We will welcome you with open arms!

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