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Now Featuring In-House Teeth Whitening!

Your appearance of youth, vitality and good health can be determined by the first impression you make with your smile! If you’re craving a fresh new look, or hoping to gain confidence in your smile, ask our team at Crossroads Family Dental about our premier in-house teeth whitening program to renew and refresh your smile!

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Baby (deciduous) teeth are significantly whiter than the permanent set of teeth we get later on. And as we age, the teeth become yellow or stained due to several factors, which is why having a whiter set of teeth gives an appearance of being more youthful. There are a number of reasons why teeth can get discolored. Genetics, antibiotics, improper diet, and general aging processes can all contribute towards tooth discoloration.

External Tooth Discoloration:

External tooth discoloration is caused by factors outside the body, mostly due to the foods we consume. Some of the main culprits in our diet that can lead to external discoloration of our teeth are foods containing tannins such as coffee and tea, soy sauce, carrots, tobacco etc.

Internal Tooth Discoloration:

Internal tooth discoloration, marked by certain changes in the enamel and dentin regions, is also a popular complaint that can kill a beautiful smile. High levels of fluoride, excess use of antibiotics, tooth decay, tetracycline, tooth restorations, trauma and root canal issues can all cause internal tooth discoloration.

How to Whiten Teeth :

Today, more and more people are choosing to undergo effective tooth whitening procedures to reverse the unsightly discolorations and stubborn stains that can mask a great smile.

Over-The-Counter Whitening Systems:

Over the counter whitening systems may be apt for people who are wondering how to whiten teeth at home. Commercially available whitening toothpaste and bleaching agents, are comparatively low-strength treatments, that can make the teeth, a few shades brighter but are ineffective when it comes to stronger discolorations such as brownish stains or pitted teeth.

The cost of teeth whitening with this approach is comparably low. Our dentists at Crossroads Family Dentistry want to share their concern about the abrasive damage that may be a concern with this method, which can lead to more damage to the tooth enamel. They also don’t work on restorations, fillings, bridges etc. Whitening strips, mouth trays filled with whitening gel, tooth gel-paint are other over the counter options readily available in the market.

Fabricated Mouth Trays:

Improperly fitted, over-the-counter tooth whitening trays can sometimes cause the whitening gel to leak, resulting in gum irritation or simply be an ineffective treatment option. At Crossroads Family Dentistry we help bridge the gap between in-office procedures and over the counter products by taking an impression of your teeth with which a bleaching tray is custom-fabricated for your teeth. Once this is done, the tray and the whitening solution are given for use at home, with complete instructions. Using this procedure on consecutive days can help your teeth achieve the desired shade.

In-Office Teeth Whitening: Our #1 Solution!

Professional bleaching is the most effective method when done properly, producing some of the best teeth whitening results. It can last for as long as five years if done by experts, completely justifying the cost of teeth whitening. A strong whitening gel is applied which can transform the teeth in a single office visit, brightening your smile by 10 shades in less than an hour. The buffer, present in the gel is carefully formulated to protect the tooth enamel from any damage.The gums and the rest of the mouth is also well protected during the procedure.

Our dentists have produced fantastic results both in his in-office treatments and his custom- fabricated home treatments, garnering very high reviews consistently. He is fully qualified to handle any issue that may arise from whitening treatments effectively.

Call our office today to schedule a consultation and see how easy it is to achieve a beautiful smile!

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